Personal Wellness 

Conflict Management

  • The Main Sources Of Conflict
  • Appropriate Techniques In Conflict Management
  • The Appropriate Action Plan And Strategies To Manage Conflict  
  • The Attributes Of An Effective Conflict Manager

Manage Personal Finances

  • Understand Personal Finance
  • Plan and prepare a Personal Budget
  • Operate a Personal Bank Account

Personal Development

  • Building Me a Brand
  • Effective Leaders
  • Leadership Qualities
  • Mentoring

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Emotional Intelligence

  • Introduction To Emotional Intelligence
  • The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Interpersonal Relationships In Life And Work Situations
  • The Impact Of Emotional Intelligence On Life And Work Interactions
  • Evaluation Of Own Level Of Emotional Intelligence In Order To Determine Development Areas

Stress Management  

  • Time-Wasting Factors
  • Circles Of Concern and Influence
  • Time Management Control Factors
  • Power Thoughts
  • The Power of Focus
  • Power Skills

Time Management  

  • Awareness of Real and Imagined Stress
  • Controlling Stress
  • Categories of Stress
  • Categories of Emotional Stress
  • Power of Perceptions
  • Escape Routes
  • Managing Mental Wellness

How to take Care of a baby   

  • First Antenatal Visit 
  • Pregnancy 
  • The Delivery of a Newborn 
  • Caring for Baby after Delivery 
  • The Newborn up to One month 
  • Development Milestones of One to Three month old 
  • Development Milestones of Four to Tweleve month old 
  • Other issues when taking Care of a Baby